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Energy efficiency class

The energy efficiency class is given on a scale from A +++ (high efficiency = low energy consumption) to G (low efficiency = high energy consumption).

The EU regulation (874/2012), which contains guidelines for energy consumption labeling, has been in force since 01.09.2013. This regulation requires us to show the details of the new energy label and the energy consumption of our lamps. The new energy label now contains the higher energy efficiency classes (A + and A ++), while the lower classes F and G are no longer available.

The EU regulation (1194/2012), which also came into force on September 1, 2013, is now - for better product comparability - of lamps with directional light, the luminous flux is to be specified as useful luminous flux depending on a defined angular range.


Please note, however, that we only sell our stocks that were placed on the market before 09/01/2013. With these articles, the information that was valid before the EU regulations (874/2012) and (1194/2012) is still printed on the packaging. This information can therefore differ from the article description that you find in our shop.